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Maine Home Loans and Home Mortgages Larger than the rest of the New England states put together, Maine is known for its long rocky coastline and many historic lighthouses, and also its forested inland mountains and lakes. Despite its relatively small population, Maine is home to a thriving film business and hosts several popular film festivals each year. There's something about Maine's majestic natural surroundings that encourages creativity and provides the perfect setting for enjoying the arts.

If you're interested in eating some lobster, you've come to the right state. We'd recommend heading to the small seaside lobster shacks! Those little "hole-in-the-wall" clam shacks have the longest lines in town for a reason.

When you think of a beach, Maine might not immediately come to mind, but in actuality they've got a lot of sand and ocean! Once you get a peak of the landscape you won't want to leave. It's full of spectacular spots that look like they've jumped right out of a painting! There are miles of coasts, tall light houses and ocean cliffs.

If you're really wanting to explore Maine then check out its largest city – Old Port. Visit its cobblestone streets and historic 19th century buildings. There are also fishing piers, a lot of little boutiques, great restaurants and plenty of bars if you're looking for some nightlife.

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