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Massachusetts Home Loans and Home Mortgages The "Bay State", Massachusetts, has it all: beaches, scenic hiking trails, the world-class city of Boston, and picturesque villages. The downtown is the heart of the city. You will find the financial district and the harbor, as well as shops, restaurants and theaters. Beyond downtown, Boston has village like neighborhoods, with cobblestone streets, gas lamps and gorgeous townhouses. Massachusetts has the most variety of the New England states, from its prestigious universities, museums, music, and history.

Massachusetts is a melting pot of cultures – which shows in the large variety of food that is offered. Boston itself holds some of the best Italian and Asian food you'll ever eat in your life and there are Irish pubs if you're looking to get a pint. It's really no surprise that you can find some of best seafood in MA as well! You really have not lived unless you have tried a Massachusetts lobster roll or our famous clam chowder!

If you're looking to hike, MA has plenty of gorgeous places for you. You can head up to the Berkshires, which includes parts of the Appalachian Trail, Alfred Springs, or Beartown State Forest. There are over 450,000 acres of forests and parks in Massachusetts, making up nearly 10% of Massachusetts's total land mass. Additionally, there are 29 campgrounds, over 2,000 miles of trails, 87 beaches, and a whopping 145 miles of paved bike and rail trails.

Have you heard of The Big E? It's New England's biggest celebration! Close to one and a half million people attend each year. This event celebrates all six New England states. You will have a difficult time choosing what to do between circus events, museum exhibits, competitions, rides, shopping – and so much more! But, no worries, the event lasts for 17 days so you can squeeze it all in!

Sure, if you're a Yankees fan they may give you a hard time, but in all reality the people in Massachusetts are incredibly friendly and have a strong desire to cultivate a real sense of community.

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