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Rhode Island Home Loans and Home Mortgages America's smallest state, Rhode Island, offers more than its fair share of special destinations with two of USA's finest cities, Providence and Newport, plus fabulous family- friendly beaches, music festivals, top class restaurants, and award- winning vineyards. Rhode Island packs a lot of variety into its small geography. Enjoy Newport's oceanfront Gilded Age mansions and its stunning vistas. The city of Providence has a restored downtown district that surrounds a gorgeous riverfront park. The city's Little Italy neighborhood, offers great shopping and dining. "Little Rhody" may be the smallest state but that proves big things do come in small packages.

Each New England state has its own personality, but Rhode Island is definitely the most unique – including our own unique accent. You will immediately realize we do not speak like other people. Lots of local influences from nearby cities make it hard to pin down the Rhode Island accent.

Rhode Island food is like no other. It's one of the best benefits of living here! The local cuisine is exclusive to the region. We even have our own variation of the hot dog. We call it a "New York System wiener" despite it being a Little Rhody thing. They're usually thin hot dogs made with veal and pork before being topped with celery salt, yellow mustard, chopped onions, and a meat sauce (but NEVER ketchup).

Whatever you're interested in, Rhode Island has got it. From breweries, ghosts, lighthouses and seaside mansions - you'll always have something to do while you're here.

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